At FoodArt, we manufacture and procure some of the world’s best baked goods, pastries, confections and beverages, including Artisanal French Macarons, Portuguese Custard Tarts (Pasteis de Nata), Liege Waffles (Belgium Waffles), Decadent American Style Cookies, French Viennoiserie Pastries (Croissants) and more.

We take great pride in our selection of products with the purest and highest quality ingredients and are confident in providing the best world-class experience to our customers. FoodArt can be your partner in sourcing products globally for your needs and consulting in growing your business.  Our products can be private-labeled and custom manufactured.


FoodArt operates out Bronx, NY and delivers in the New York Metropolitan Area as well as schedules shipping North America-wide.



435 Longfellow Ave, Bronx NY 10474